3% cash back

On insurance premium payments, up to $4,000 spent annually.2

2% cash back

At gas stations and electric vehicle charging stations, drugstores, grocery stores and on dining.

1% cash back

All other eligible purchases.

No annual fee

Enjoy all of these benefits with no annual fee, view full terms and conditions.

Additional benefits

  • Auto deductible reimbursement

    Cut down on unexpected expenses. You can get reimbursed up to $200 of your auto policy deductible when you experience a covered loss, if you make a minimum of 8 net purchases in the prior month.3

  • Cell phone protection

    Protect your cell phone every time you pay your bill. Your eligible cell phone can be reimbursed up to $600 in the event it is stolen or damaged when you pay your monthly cell phone bill.4

  • Dovly Uplift™

    Combine advanced credit tools and a proprietary algorithm to help raise your score and maximize your money.4

  • Purchase security

    Safeguard your new item against theft or damage for the first 90 days from the date of purchase with Purchase Security, available when you pay with your covered  card.4

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What credit score is needed to apply for a State Farm® Visa Credit Card?

A: Credit score requirements vary by product. In general, the State Farm® Visa Credit Card is for established credit with a credit score in the good to excellent range.

Q: How does a credit card work?

A: A credit card allows you to borrow money, with the intention you’ll pay back the lender (your bank) later. While it sounds simple, credit can get complex. Credit cards offer you a line of credit that can be used to make purchases, balance transfers and/or cash advances and requiring that you pay back the loan amount in the future. When using a credit card, you will need to make at least the minimum payment every month by the due date on the balance. If the full balance for purchases is not paid off, interest charges will be applied. Interest charges will be applied from the date of the transaction for balance transfers and/or cash advances.

Q: How can I improve my credit score?

A: Here are two things you can do to build and maintain good credit: 1) Consistently pay your bill on time. 2) Stay below your credit limit.

Q: Does the State Farm® Visa Credit Card offer contactless payment?

A: Yes. The credit cards offer contactless chip technology that allow for enhanced security and touch-free payments, at the millions of retail store locations that accept contactless payments.

Q: Do the State Farm® Visa Credit Cards have an annual fee?

A: No. All U.S. Bank-issued State Farm credit cards have no annual fee.

Q: Do the State Farm® Visa Credit Cards offer a low interest rate?

A: U.S. Bank-issued State Farm credit cards offer competitive interest rates, allowing you to choose a credit card that fits your lifestyle.