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SinglePoint® Essentials

Your one-stop tool for managing your checking, payments, wire and ACH activity. SinglePoint® Essentials is a product that offers enhanced benefits beyond what comes with your business checking account. A dedicated U.S. Bank business checking account is required to use SinglePoint Essentials.

See how SinglePoint Essentials compares with Online Banking.

Simplify payments

Use SinglePoint® Essentials ACH to make and accept payments

  • Eliminate the need for paper checks, with the ability to schedule up to 30 days in advance
  • Make and receive payments of all kinds with fast access to funds
  • Reduce the risk of fraud with recipient verification
  • Create recurring payments or collections
  • Submit batches for next-day settlement until 9 p.m. CT

ACH is available to business customers through U.S. Bank SinglePoint Essentials as an add-on service for a monthly fee.

Move money fast

  • wire transfers

    Wire transfers

    Wire transfers are one of the fastest ways to move funds across the country or around the world. Funds are available immediately with domestic transfers arriving the same day (no allowance for mailing or collection time is required).

  • real-time payments

    Real-Time Payments

    Real-Time Payments (RTP®) allows you to send and receive instant payments 24/7 with immediately availability of your funds.

  • Disbursements via  Zelle®

    Send payments to customers1 for refunds, rebates, account closures, 1099 employee payments and more with Zelle, a solution that’s easy for your customers with the benefits you need for your business.

Protect against fraud

SinglePoint® Essentials Positive Pay protects your transactions by electronically matching checks and ACH transactions to items that a customer has disbursed and described on the issue file. Non-matching items are identified as exceptions, and you decide whether to pay or return non-matching items.

When it comes to cash management, you have options

See how Online Banking and SinglePoint Essentials compare, then choose the option that’s right for your business. For a full list of differences contact a banker or your agent today.

Online Banking

SinglePoint® Essentials

Checking Account

Account Information Reporting



Multiple tax IDs


Shared Access

SinglePoint Essentials offers enhanced shared access beyond what Online Banking offers. You have the ability to set a System Administrator and user entitlements, which allows you to set up customized individual user access privileges for multiple users. Online Banking provides view-only access for additional users.

(view only)

(enhanced features)

Incoming ACH payment details


Fraud Protection

ACH Positive Pay

Helps to detect fraud by matching incoming transactions to account authorizations that businesses create and manage online.


Positive Pay (for checks)

Positive Pay services help detect and prevent check fraud by electronically matching checks clearing to a business’s check issued.


Electronic payments

ACH Origination

Send or receive payments for next-day funding. Some limitations apply.


Wire Transfers

Move money quickly internationally and domestically with immediate availability and payment confirmation.

(domestic only)

(international and domestic)

Real-Time Payments

Make immediate payments, 24/7. Some limitations apply.