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Save with a qualified checking account

Get 100 free trades1 a year saving you up to $495 with a U.S. Bancorp Investments Self-Directed Brokerage Account. To qualify for this exclusive offer you must be enrolled in paperless document delivery and be a U.S. Bank Platinum® Checking Package2 or U.S. Bank Gold® Checking Package2 customer with our affiliate U.S. Bank.

Do you have a U.S. Bank Platinum or Gold Checking Package?2

Find out by checking your U.S. Bank statement or by calling U.S. Bank at 866-756-8665. Checking accounts are offered by our affiliate U.S. Bank.

Ready to invest? Here are your options.

Invest and trade

Select and manage your own investments, trading stocks. options, mutual funds, and ETFs, (Exchange Traded Funds)3.

Apply for self-directed brokerage

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Save for retirement

Open a brokerage IRA account or roll over your 401(k), 403(b), or another retirement account into our Traditional or Roth IRAs.

Open a self-directed IRA:

Traditional IRA

Roth IRA


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A different way to invest



Want help managing your investments?

As an alternative to investing on your own, Automated Investor will create, monitor and rebalance your investment portfolio as needed.

Automated Investor is one of the best robo-advisor values in the industry.4 On an annual basis, the fee is equal to 0.24% of invested assets. Plus, you’ll pay no commission or fees on individual trades.

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